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At Online Management HQ we believe that paying it forward is one of the core pillars of a successful business. The more you give, the more you get. Which is why giving to a worthwhile charity is so important to us.

We are proudly aligned with Stichting Weeshuis Thailand in support of Bandekdee Orphanage and would love for you to learn more about the foundation, children and worthy cause.

The children of Bandekdee, which has grown from 21 children to 28 as of mid-2015.

A word from Sabrina...

Over the past few years, business has been very good to us at OMHQ. We’ve been lucky to work with some truly amazing clients, and continuously bring new work through the door.

In a time when the economy is so fickle, I (and my awesome team!) feel it is our duty and privilege to give back in some way.

I spent several years living in Thailand where I had the pleasure of volunteering at a local orphanage, Bandekdee. There I met 28 beautiful souls that are being fostered by two loving parents who already have children of their own.

Like most orphanages, many of these children have sad stories. Their parents have either passed away or in jail, or their family is mentally and/or physically unable to care for them.

What I find most inspiring about these children though, is how positive and happy they are despite their situation.

The children attend a good school, have ample help with their homework when they come home, have basic chores and household tasks to teach them responsibility and receive love and affection from their foster family. Not to mention the other regular volunteers, like myself, that visit every other week to cook dinner, play games and teach them English.

Technically Bandekdee is classified as a "foundation" because the requirements for an "orphanage" are strict. Orphanages must be located on a certain size of land, have bigger facilities and greater staff. Thankfully a lawyer helped Bandekdee receive a 3-year extension so they can prepare for official "orphanage" status. In order to get there, they need as much financial support as possible or these children will be without a home.

In an effort to raise funds to meet these new requirements and ease the financial burden on the family, Stichting Weehuis Thailand was born.

Alongside charity founder Leoni Van Leeuwen, myself and the OMHQ team decided to sponsor one of the children, and also help to raise awareness and gain new sponsors and donors.

While I am no longer in Thailand, I keep in regular contact with my sponsor child Bibi and all the others by sharing pictures and videos. It is my absolute pleasure to personally know these children and I cannot think of anything better to donate my time, money and heart to.

For more information on Stichting Weeshuis Thailand and how you can help support their cause, please visit the official website.

Note: The website is available in Dutch and English languages. Please choose your language setting in the top left hand corner. EN for English. NL for Dutch.

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