Multimedia Marketing and Creation

Get a nod from the search engines and your audience by sharing innovative and valuable multimedia content


We all recognize the importance of written content, but gone are the days when a  few blog posts would keep your site sitting on Page One.

Multimedia marketing is a new approach to creating killer content that gets Likes, Shares, bumps up your SERPs and is an innovative way to gain more leads.

Unlike a blog or guest post, multimedia can help build brand awareness in a very unique and powerful way thanks in part to its ability to go viral quickly.

How We Do It

We offer 2 different multimedia content options. Depending on your marketing needs, one method may be more suited than the other.

If you have any questions or want to learn even more about each option, do not hesitate to contact us.

Self Liquidating Offers, Tripwires, Lead Magnets & Opt-In PDFs

Lead generation and conversion are without a doubt the two driving forces behind a successful business.

Traditionally businesses relied on paid advertising or referrals to gain to new leads. With the introduction of social media and the propensity to share interesting content, having a high quality, high value self-liquidating offer is a more affordable and exciting option.

Self-liquidating offers, lead bait, tripwires - whatever you prefer to call it - are all designed to give new visitors a taste of what you have to offer. When done right they can help you grow your email list, turn cold leads into hot ones, convert into sales and really add to your bottom line.

Our team designs high quality PDF offers that you can use for:

  • Free email opt-in offer to help you grow your list
  • Affordable autoresponder tripwires to help you turn readers into buyers right from the beginning
  • eGuides, templates, cheat sheets, etc. to build out your passive income product offerings
  • And more

We create 100% unique content, but can also help you re-purpose  some of your most popular content into more desirable (and downloadable) forms. Pricing starts at $200USD and includes creation, 2 edits and the rights to photos. Contact Us for a custom quote.

Rosie Moore

I highly recommend Online Management HQ’s multimedia content services. My experience working with them was simply excellent.

I needed to create a pdf lead magnet for my website and it was important for me to create a pdf product that was consistent with my branding and reflective of my business. They also understood how to make the product visually appealing and ultimately a useful tool for my clients and site visitors. I appreciated the professionalism in our exchanges – the team was diligent on the details and quick to deliver a polished product.

Very happy with the results, will definitely be a repeat client and will be referring them to my professional network.

Thank you!

Rosie Moore Health & Wellness Coach


Slideshare is one of the most underrated social platforms out there. While most businesses market to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, Slideshare has been overlooked.

What you may not realize is that SlideShare has over 70 million unique visitors each month. That's an impressive amount of traffic that deserves to see your content.

Additionally, Google loves links from Slideshare making this not only an innovative way to capture your audience's attention, but enhance your SEO and search ranking.

This multimedia format allows you to warm up potential leads, introduce them to your valuable content and expertise, and then convert them into buyers and loyal followers.

You have two options depending on your purpose and budget:

  • 100% new and unique content, created from scratch
  • Re-purpose your most popular content into a Slideshare

Want to take your Slideshare to the next level? We will create a custom opt-in form to compliment your slide and just like Adwords or Facebook ads, generate even more hot leads.

Pricing begins at $400USD and includes creation of content and the rights to any images.

*Price does not include lead form budget

To learn more on how Slideshares can benefit your business or to request a custom quote for your project, Contact Us.

Samples of our Featured Content

For a taste of what we have to offer, click the images below to download a snapshot of some of our featured content.

Note: Each sample is only 1 or 2 pages of the original document. Full details can be found below the sample on the clients website.

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